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  • Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited promises to provide a unique service to our customers 365 days of the year to deliver reliable replacement refrigeration to your site(s) in the UK as soon, and for as long, as it is required for the most competitive price and as efficiently as possible.
  • Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited will accept verbal orders for emergency deliveries of refrigeration units providing that the customer has a credit account. If no account is held with Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited then a faxed order signed by an authorised agent must be received and payment to be made on the delivery of the refrigeration.
  • The rates of hire, delivery and collection will be specified in writing in the form of a quotation. Verbal estimates may be given as a guide only and may be varied in writing at a later date.
  • Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited reserve the right to remove refrigeration from hire if the customer fails to meet the payment terms specified in the quotation. The period of hire commences on the day that the refrigeration leaves the site in Bedford and continues until the refrigeration is off-hired: both days being included in the period of hire.
  • Provisional bookings can only be held for 24 hours.
  • The refrigeration must be sited on a flat and level hard standing base provided by the customer. If the delivery/collection is required to fields or soft areas, the customer may be charged for vehicle removal/damage. It is the responsibility of the customer to gain relevant/required licenses, consent, permissions, etc. associated with the refrigeration for the period of hire. Application must be made in writing and discussed with Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited should the customer require the refrigeration to be sited above or below ground level, clear opening of doorways must also be agreed prior to the hire date.
  • If the refrigeration is to go into a warehouse or marquee then adequate ventilation must be available to maintain an ambient temperature of no more than 22°C. Failure to observe the ambient temperature will cause damage to the unit and the customer will be charged for replacement parts and engineer’s time.
  • he customer must ensure that there is a working dedicated, adequate and constant source of electricity to the refrigeration, as stated in the quotation and also marked on the booking document, on delivery, to allow commissioning of the refrigeration. Should a further visit to the site be made to commission the refrigeration then a charge will be made.
  • All refrigeration is cleaned and checked prior to the date of hire, the customer must monitor the temperature at regular periods throughout the duration of hire. The customer should ring the  helpline (07778 643616) if the temperature of the refrigeration causes concern.
  • The customer must not attempt to rectify any fault: apart from those in the service checklist without the guidance of Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited as this may incur extra costs.
  • Breakdowns are covered by Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited engineers free of charge provided the terms and conditions of hire have been strictly adhered to, or a charge may be made.
  • The customer must insure contents on their own insurance. Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited do not insure contents.
  • The customer must ensure that the temperature ordered is correct for the produce entering the refrigeration and that adequate air circulation is allowed around the produce to ensure that the temperature is evenly maintained. Contents to be stored must be foodsafe and free from any contamination.
  • The temperature of the produce entering a chiller unit must be between +5/+10°C. The temperature of produce entering a freezer must be between -15/-20°C. The refrigeration rooms are holding rooms only – it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all temperature criteria is adhered to.
  • The door must only be opened to gain access to the refrigeration room and the strip curtains be allowed to hang over the entrance to the door. Leaving the door(s) opened for periods longer than five minutes and/or the removal (or tying back) of the strip curtains will cause large fluctuations in the temperature of the room – this in turn will cause the refrigeration block to ice up. Failure to observe these rules may require the services of a refrigeration engineer for which the customer will be charged. When loading the refrigeration unit the room may be turned off at the power supply to prevent icing up, the refrigeration unit must be turned on immediately loading is completed.
  • Any refrigeration malfunction/damage/misuse/breakdown must be notified to Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited immediately by telephone and an engineer will be sent out to assess/repair the problem within two working days or within 4-8 hours if urgent from the time of notification.
  • The refrigeration must not be towed or moved unless prior written agreement has been made with Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited of their intention to tow any trailer hired from the company in writing prior to the hire commencing. Failure to follow the correct procedure may result in your hire being terminated at the discretion of the Management. Proof of insurance will be requested. All trailers are fitted with wheelclamp/hitchlock, which must remain fixed during the period of hire. Keys for the door padlock, wheelclamp padlock/hitchlock are provided at the time of delivery. Keys, padlocks, wheelclamps/hitchlocks lost or damaged will be charged for. Keys @ £8.50 each, padlocks @ £10.00 each, wheelclamps/hitchlocks @ £203.35 each/£103.23 each and steps @ £40.00 – all plus VAT.
  • Return of self-tow refrigeration trailers must be made to the site of Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited on the date of the booking document. An extra charge will be made if the collection is to be made by Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited. We do not insure customers to tow our trailers. The customer must have fully comprehensive insurance to tow any trailer hired from Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited. Proof will be requested. (Replacement values are 300cu.ft. £7,955.00 plus VAT).
  • Under no circumstances is the customer allowed to:

a)       Alter or modify the refrigeration and/or associated equipment

b)       Remove the refrigeration and/or associated equipment

c)        Withhold any refrigeration and/or associated equipment

d)       Deny access to the refrigeration and/or associated equipment at the end of the hire

e)        Sub-let, re-hire or sell refrigeration and/or associated equipment

  • The customer must:

a)     Maintain the refrigeration and associated equipment at all times in the condition that it was delivered in.

b)     Maintain regular cleaning rotas as per environmental health regulations.

  • Waiting time is charged at £35.00 plus VAT per hour or part-hour after the first 30 minutes on site.
  • On all delivery sites where is not a tarmac road or hard standing access, temporary roadway must be provided by the Customer.  If this is not available MobileFreezer Rentals Limited reserves the right to refuse delivery or collection.  Any abortive work, damage caused to vehicles or subsequent re-attendances caused by lack of roadway will be charged to the hirer.
  • Whilst every effort is made to provide  the customer with the refrigeration equipment as quoted on the day and time requested, Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited cannot be held responsible for delays due to incidents beyond our control, i.e. non-payment of hire charges, serious traffic delays, breakdown of vehicle, inclement weather or acts of God. Timed deliveries can be requested but cannot be guaranteed.
  • A 10% insurance is charged to cover wear and tear on your hired refrigeration equipment. This insurance charge does not cover contents, fire, theft, and/or total loss.
  • The customer shall ensure that the refrigeration and/or associated equipment is insured so that in the event of destruction of the refrigeration and/or associated equipment Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited shall be entitled to replace the same at their current list sale price.
  • The customer shall keep the refrigeration and/or associated equipment comprehensively insured to its full replacement value as stated on the agreement against all risks including loss or damage by fire, flood or accident or any other cause. If there is accidental damage to the unit(s) hired, the hirer will be responsible for consequential losses. The customer shall also fully and completely indemnify in respect of all claims for any reason whatsoever for injuries to persons or property caused by, or in conjunction with, or arising from the refrigeration and/or associated equipment and in respect of all costs and charges in connection therewith.
  • Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited reserves the right to charge 5% over the bank rate on all outstanding and overdue accounts if not settled within the terms specified on the quotation/invoice.
  • If the hire continues for longer than agreed on the booking document then a daily charge will be levied. Failure to notify Mobile Freezer Rentals Limited on the extension of hire will incur a charge for an abortive collection journey. Advance notice of an extension of the hire is requested to be made immediately on the 24 hour helpline (07778 643616) to ensure continuance.
  • If the refrigeration unit(s) and/or associated equipment are returned in a dirty condition then a £60.00 plus VAT hygiene charge will be made.
  • We reserve the right to amend our Terms and Conditions at any time without giving prior notice. 20.06.14.


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